Bedroom rugs are the perfect piece to anchor your room—whether you’re looking for something neutral and grounding to complement your decor or you’re looking for something vibrant and bold to inject your personality into the space. Bedroom rugs not only act as accenting decor pieces but also help bring comfort and luxury to your sleeping sanctuary.

To help you with your search, we’ve pulled together some important things to consider when shopping for rugs online:

1. Style

With so many options available when shopping for rugs online, defining your preferred rug style will help you narrow your search. For example:

  • Traditional rugs are great timeless pieces to bring rich colours and luxurious feels into a simple and elegant room. They feature ornate and intricate detailing, like floral designs, central medallions, and strong borders.


  • Contemporary rugs, on the other hand, are great additions to already modern spaces. They blend modern art and architecture, often featuring vibrant colours, free-form elements, or geometric shapes.

traditional rubs

 2. Colour

Choosing your bedroom rug colour is no simple task. As your bedroom rug will be a centrepiece for your decor, you need to pick colours that are either complementary to your already defined aesthetic or build your decor around the rug that catches your eye. 

Neutral colours can help bring calmness to your bedroom, whereas bold or rich colours could bring some needed vibrancy to your room. 

Either way, you need to make this selection carefully. Unlike bedding, rugs are not as easily replaced. So consider how your new bedroom rug could fit your aesthetic if you change bedding or places.


3. Size

Size matters when it comes to bedroom rugs. Luckily, when you’re shopping for rugs online, most retailers have numerous sizes to choose from.

A good rule to follow for picking the right rug to fit under your bed is to choose one that extends 40-60cm out from under the bed. 

Here are some bedroom rug sizes to consider for your bed size:

  • Double bed: 180x120cm
  • Queen bed: 230x160cm 
  • King bed: 270x180cm

If your room is too small for a rug of this size, a bedroom runner would be a great alternative to bring you the rug aesthetics without compromising your space.rubs

 4. Material

Bedroom rugs are the first thing you step on in the morning and the last thing you step on at night. And when you’re shopping for rugs online, you don’t always have the opportunity to feel the rug before purchasing it. That’s why picking the right material will be essential for cozying up your space. 

For bedroom rugs, choose soft textured materials like wool, cotton, polypropylene, or viscose.

5. Pile

Most online rug retailers will have a description noting the rug’s density and height. This is referred to as a pile. 

You can think of a flat rug as having a short pile (less than a cm in height) and a shaggy rug as having a long pile (over 8cm in height). 

Typically, a shorter pile will last longer and be easier to clean. But bedrooms are low-traffic areas, and this could be your opportunity to choose a medium to the long-pile rug to bring some added comfort and texture into your space.


6. Construction

This is how your rug is made, and it influences its quality and longevity. For bedroom rugs, consider handmade, handwoven, or hand-tufted rugs as their construction is best for low-traffic areas.

  • Handmade rugs are the longest-lasting rug construction. They are made by tying individual knots together. 
  • Handwoven rugs are made using modern weaving techniques.
  • Hand-tufted rugs are created by hand-pulling loops of yarn through the rug’s backing material.

7. Care and cleaning

Kids, no kids, pets

Depending on your lifestyle, you should choose a bedroom rug with appropriate care needs.


The material, pile, and construction of the rug will be key factors to determine the level of care required. 

  • Wool and polypropylene rugs are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for bedrooms with little messy visitors
  • Short pile rugs are easier to vacuum, whereas some longer-pile rugs require specific vacuum settings to not damage the rug’s fibres. 
  • Machine-made rugs are very durable options that come in at more affordable price points than handmade or woven constructions.

8. Allergies

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, you’ll want to make sure to consider your sensitivities when selecting bedroom rugs. 

You do not want to end up with a rug that makes you sicker. So choose a non-wool rug with a short pile. 

Wool rugs have been known to catch allergens like dust and pollen. Instead, choose a polypropylene rug as they are known to be the best material for allergy sufferers. 

Short-pile rugs also occupy less open space for allergens to get trapped within, making them better for anyone with a sensitive nose.


 9. Reviews

Reviews are a necessity when online shopping. And it’s no different when buying rugs online. 

If you’re on the verge of buying a piece and there are no reviews, you may not end up getting it. That’s because real feedback from fellow customers is sometimes what you need to confirm your choices. 

Is it as soft as expected? Are the colours more vibrant or muted than the pictures? 

Ensure your rug retailer has a variety of reviews on each of their pieces to ensure they are authentic. And be sure to always check reviews before making the big purchase.

10. Return policy

Shopping for bedroom rugs online is just that… online. So although you have so much more options to choose from, including styles, sizes, construction, etc. You still don’t get to actually feel the rug. So it’s important to choose a retailer with a good return policy. 

At ICONIC RUGS, we have a love it or return it policy. So if you don’t absolutely love your new bedroom rug, you have 7 days to return it for a refund or exchange.

Shop for your perfect bedroom rug right now on our website. You can filter rugs by style, colour, size, material, or construction to find the perfect rug for your bedroom.