Designing your workspace in a way that increases productivity, and efficiency and still makes you feel at home is an important concept. Spending hours every day in a workspace may become old and dreary if the interior decor goes wrong; However, a well-decorated workspace will keep workers motivated even in some of the most monotonous jobs. For many people, the extent of creating an environment that improves working habits doesn't go farther than painting the walls in a comfortable shade (cheery colours for most people but hardly any brown), hanging wall prints, placement of paintings and artworks, shelves to display your awards and motivate you to greater heights, pictures of loved ones on the desk and a decluttered environment. Hardly will anyone pay special attention to the rugs. However, the importance of a good rug cannot be overemphasized and it is for this reason that special attention should be given to choosing the appropriate rug for your workspace.


Benefits Of A Good Rug

The benefits of a good rug are the exact reasons why choosing the best rugs shouldn't be overlooked. Some of them are;

 1.Rugs increase warmth and comfort


The physical warmth of a new rug cannot be overemphasized. Many offices are finished with hardwood floors and tiles. These types of floorings have a tendency to get really cold, especially during the winter. Coupled with sitting at a desk all day, the cold could end up cramping the leg muscles of workers. For this reason, rugs are used as an extra layer of insulation. A plush wool rug may be the answer to solving the issues of cold and improving productivity while remaining comfortable in your workspace.

 2. The colors may increase motivation


A dark and inadequately decorated environment may reduce the motivation of workers. However, a bright and vibrant space will lift the spirit of workers thereby causing a leap in creativity, productivity and motivation. To improve the ambience of your office, rugs may be added. That way, productivity and motivation are improved in the workspace.

How To Choose The Perfect Rug To Transform Your Workspace

Choosing the perfect rugs may be a more complicated process than most people can imagine. However, here are some tips for picking the most suitable rugs for your workspace;

1. Make sure the rug matches the floor of the workspace

The primary purpose of rugs is to enhance the floor. Hence, it only makes sense to consider the floor of the office when choosing an area rug. One of the most important factors you should consider is the floor material.

Different floor surfaces require different styles of rugs. Here are some of the floor types and the type of rugs they require;

Stone and concrete:

Due to their cold and hard surface, stone and polished concrete floors need all the plush comfort and warmth an area rug can offer.

If your workspace has a classic floor design, you should consider matching it with a classic-looking rug like woven wool rugs

Woven wool rugs give off an antique-like aesthetic after being washed. Their elaborate design also makes classic wool rugs a great fit for traditional fixtures and furnishings.



3. Reduces noise for a hundred percent focus


 A high level of noise in a workspace is tightly linked with underperformance and increased stress on workers. Floors with hard surfaces reflect sounds, causing footsteps and even the most minimal of sounds to echo throughout the space. Rugs have absorbent materials. They absorb sounds from the surroundings, reducing the echo in the workspace.

 Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood floors give off this rustic elaborate feel and rugs may help to accentuate it. Hence, the need for rugs that match the floor. 

Though hardwood insulates heat quite well, the office may still get quite cold when the air conditioner is on full blast. 

Due to this, it is highly recommended that sheepskin rugs be used to help warm the room. Sheepskin is particularly attractive when used with wood flooring, recreating the rustic atmosphere you can only find in log cabins.



2. Choosing the rug shape that fits your Workspace

Two of the most important factors in choosing a rug are shape and size. Offices should be arranged almost like dining areas ( the chairs and tables are placed within the perimeters of the rug). This implies that the furniture in the room should be placed within the perimeters of the rug to prevent chairs from snagging the edges of the rugs. Most workspaces are structured in rectangular or square shapes. Hence, rugs of the same shapes must be considered for a more proportionate look. The most common shape of rugs is the rectangular shape. However, square rugs are also popularly used to accentuate workspaces. Round rugs may be necessary, especially in workspaces that require grouping of furniture together.  They may also be used at entrances into the workspace. Runners are used in passageways. They run down the length of the passageways.


3. Determine the area to place the rug

Due to the fact that rugs come in various sizes, shapes and textures, care should be taken to define the area to be covered by a specific type of rug. If you plan on putting the rug in the entryway, it is advisable to choose a stylish rug since that is the first thing visitors to the workspace will see.  If the entryway is small, a round or rectangular rug can be placed in the centre. If the entryway is quite long, then using a runner is advised instead. The waiting room must be laid with a rug that is big enough to accommodate all the furniture. If it is in an office, then a rug that is one or two feet smaller than the room should be laid. All furniture should be on the rug as well. The colour of the rug may be bright to inspire a cheery atmosphere that will boost confidence and keep workers motivated.


When the above steps are followed in choosing a rug to transform the workspace, productivity and creativity will be improved exponentially.