The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most-used spaces. The kitchen witnesses it all, whether it's cooking and cleaning or late-night shenanigans.

One thing you might not think about is protecting your kitchen floors from all the foot traffic it gets. A rug not only does the job, but it adds extra flavour to the space too.

Check out some of the best rug ideas for your kitchen below!


Colour Is Best When Paired

A great way to add a kitchen rug is to match it with existing colours. You could match the rug to your high-top chairs or your cabinets. A multi-coloured Persian rug might be ideal as it can easily hide stains from spills while fitting with your accents.


Go Simple and Subtle

When it comes to the kitchen, sometimes you would prefer elegance. Rattan is a great choice when paired with dark woods. It can give the kitchen a beautiful yet understated feel. Add some brass or gold accents to accentuate the vibe.


Make It Pop

If your kitchen is clean and simple, maybe it's time to add a pop of colour. We all love neutrals, but the colour adds personality. Even neutral spaces need something extra. A rich tone kitchen rug can easily match a neutral area while also keeping the atmosphere serene.


Or Stay Neutral

It's true. We all love neutrals in some form or another. If you're not feeling that pop of colour, your kitchen rug can feature neutrals too! You can use a toned-down colour or pattern if you don't want the rug to be too dull. Try something with contrast. Try a darker neutral shade for your rug for lighter walls and cabinets.

Add A Touch of Farmhouse

The farmhouse design style is homey, to say the least. Choose a faded colour or weathered look if you're looking for something down-to-earth. A little tassel won't hurt either. 

Consider The Angles Of Your Space

Consider a large square rug if your kitchen is more square than rectangular. Whereas if you have an island in the middle, a runner might be perfect for your kitchen. If you have a circular feature to the space, consider a circular rug. When selecting your rug, one shape doesn't fit all, so think about that.

Master Monochrome

Monochrome can be great for you if you want a style you don't have to think about. Coordinating the shades in your space creates a calm atmosphere and is easy on the eyes too.


Get Advice From Your Floor

Not sure what colour to go with? Look no further than your floor. Choosing a slightly darker or slightly lighter shade than your floor is a simple route to go. It will quickly and easily blend seamlessly in the space.

Here at Iconic Rugs, we have thousands of options to choose from no matter your style. Still need help? Check out our Guide to Choosing the Best Rugs for Your Home.