A new year is a perfect time to upgrade the aesthetic of your home, whether you want to go all-in on a redesign or make simple changes with a big impact.

Design experts expect specific styles to soar this year, from the bold to the timeless, so if you're looking to revamp your home, we've got the details on the most popular designs to upgrade the look of your interiors.

Antique Aesthetic

Vintage rugs are at the top of everyone's list. They instantly add personality and depth to a space. But you don't have to buy pre-owned to get the look. Rugs made to look vintage are actually more affordable than finding something in a flea market. Plus, with so many styles to choose from, it's much easier to find a rug that will jive with your current room design. If you are considering the antique option, look for classic patterns such as Persian prints with distressed details.

Vintage rugs    Vintage rugs

Muted Neutrals

If you err on the side of minimalism, then muted neutrals will be your best friend. More colourful styles have been popular over the past two years, and although it's still around, that may phase out this year, and neutrals and muted patterns will come. They give a room a transitional and timeless feel. Choosing a rug with a neutral shade will bring a sense of calm to your living spaces and allow for versatility when it comes to other design components. Plus, the look will remain timeless.

Muted Neutrals  Muted Neutrals

Animal Patterns

Using animal prints and hides is an excellent option if you want to stay neutral or natural but still want to go bold and make a statement. These patterns give a room a luxurious feel and can also showcase a big personality. These rugs can also fit various design styles, such as farmhouse, modern, bohemian or vintage.

Animal Patterns  Animal Patterns

Geometric Patterns

If you're not interested in animal print, a geometric print is a great alternative. Classic patterns are only becoming more popular as time goes on. They bring dimension into a home and can be bold or muted. If you're looking for an easy way to elevate a room, geometric and linear designs can quickly make a room feel upscale and polished. There are limitless geometric patterns to discover that vary in colour to fit your style needs.

Geometric Patterns  Geometric Patterns

Natural Is The New Chic

Now more than ever, the world wants to bring elements into their home that bring them peace while also instilling a sense of luxury. Choosing rugs in cream or beige tones and organic ingredients is one of the most popular options today. It brings an open airiness to a room, especially when paired with natural lighting and wood pieces.

Natural Is The New Chic  Natural Is The New Chic

At ICONIC RUGS, we have rug styles for everyone in every budget, from modern to vintage styles in every shape, colour, and material. You can browse our selection of best sellers or search for the new addition to your home by colour, pattern, style, or shape. If you need help, reach out, we're always happy to assist!