Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get from customers, new and old, all the time. 

Our website is online and ready to take your orders 24/7/365. And we have live chat help that is available via our Chat Window during regular business hours. Because we ship everything right to your door, we don’t have a showroom like other rug companies. ICONIC RUGS is proud to be Australian-owned and operated with warehouses based in Sydney.

We have many luxury carpets in stock and available to ship within 1-5 business days.

Shipping is free to most places in Australia. 

We take our images in a studio with professional lighting and expensive equipment, so we can accurately portray the colour of the products. Lighting will be darker and coloured differently in your home. In warm lighting and with less natural light, the rug will appear darker. 

Under Australian law and regulation, all of our rugs are safe for household use. Jute and wool rugs shed; keep this in mind if your children are likely to put these fibres in their mouths. Polyester and polypropylene rugs are durable and do not shed, making them better options if this is a concern for your family.

When first unwrapped, the rug may have a chemical smell. Whilst non-toxic, allow the rug to air out before putting it into the room. This mitigates any discomfort the smell may cause your child.

Our rugs meet Australian regulations and are non-toxic and safe to be used in the home.

Rugs in storage can be damaged in a relatively short period of time, especially if they have not been professionally cleaned and properly prepared for storage. Generally, rolling the rug for storage is the best option. For the best protection, fabric such as cotton sheets or muslin should be used to wrap your rug.

If you want professional-level protection, consider wrapping it in a polyurethane rug wrap. Rug wraps are designed to prevent moisture and insects from getting in and they are better than muslin at doing so. Polyurethane is affordable and will provide the best level of protection for your rug.

Wrapping your rug in plastic will prevent it from breathing. Check the rug for signs of damage every few months, and store it off the ground in a cool, dry environment.

Shedding occurs when the yarn fibres are cut short and become detached from the pile. When the rug is new, it might appear like a lot of fibre is coming out. This is normal, but it should slowly reduce over time (although not entirely stop).

Please be aware that both viscose and wool rugs shed a lot. A polypropylene or polyester rug would be more suitable if this is something you would rather avoid.

Rugs can sometimes have a distinct musty or chemical smell. It is non-toxic and will subside after some time when the rug is out in the open. The rug might have been wrapped up for a while and hasn't "aired out." In this case, the smell will fade within one to two weeks.

Every rug should be protected with a pad. A pad ensures the rug will always lay flat and stay in place, as well as prevent curling and wrinkling. Additionally, rug pads prevent colour transfer to floors and carpets.

Synthetic and natural fibres are both distinctive in their own way. Polypropylene and polyester are synthetic fibres that are durable and stain-resistant, so they last for a long time. Wool and cotton, two natural fibres with centuries of history, offer stunning colours, exceptional wearability, and excellent appearance retention. Thus, you need to choose the right fibre for you based on your lifestyle. Synthetic rugs are better for homes with children and pets as they are highly durable. Natural fibres are perfect if you want a long-lasting, non-fading rug for your home.

Rug cleaning is only recommended when it is necessary. Rugs that receive heavy traffic should be cleaned once a year. Professional cleaning is typically required every two to three years when the average wear and tear takes place. Keeping your rug in good condition requires regular vacuuming and fast spot cleaning of spills and stains. Handmade rugs should be cleaned by a professional, as they are delicate. Use extra caution in the cleaning of these rugs.

You should expect imperfections and inconsistencies if your rug is handmade, braided, or woven in any other way. It's perfectly normal to see threads/sprouts, especially if the yarn ends pop out of the weave. A blunt instrument can be used to push these tufts back in if desired.

With new rugs, you may notice that they buckle, rise, or do not lie flat. A reverse-roll of the rug and pressure applied to the area where the rug is creased will speed up the process of it relaxing flat. Give the rug some time to relax after it has been reverse-rolled for a few hours or overnight. Once that's done, reassess how well it works. Repeat your reverse roll if necessary. Alternatively, the rug can also be left out in the sun to loosen the back and warm-up, helping it lie flat.

Your rug should be rotated 180 degrees every 3-6 months to ensure even wear and fading.

Do not use a rug made for indoor use outside. UV-stabilized outdoor rugs can have up to 100 continuous hours of UV protection and can be dampened, unlike indoor rugs. It is best to keep your outdoor rug partially or completely covered in order to extend its lifespan, and avoid getting it wet wherever you can to avoid making it heavy and difficult to dry.

When drying your outside rug, place the rug on an elevated, flat surface with good airflow. Warping may occur if the rug is hung over an object to dry.

• Estimated shipping times are available based on where you live.

 • Express delivery is not currently available. 

• Delivery is handled by a 3rd party courier company which means we are currently unable to provide exact times or delivery days. 

• The courier company performs deliveries Monday-Friday during business hours.

• All of our rugs are considered special handling requirement freight and therefore fall under the delivery timeframes as shown on the courier website tracking.

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