Do you feel something is still missing in your newly decorated living room? Maybe you are right, what you need there is a beautiful modern rug

Whether it’s your dining area, living room, bedroom, outdoor, or even kitchen, a suitable rug would undoubtedly update, and enhance the appeal of that place. But choosing the best rug for your room might be quite confusing since there are countless options out there.

Rugs can be handmade as well as machine-made. They can be of a modern style as well as the traditional style. They are available in different designs, sizes, shapes, and colours. To make your decision easy, online rug stores like Iconic Rugs provide you with perfect rugs to revitalize your space. They design, develop, and deliver iconic rugs to enhance the beauty of your interior by keeping an ideal balance between size, style, colour, design, and shape of the rugs. 

But you should have an idea about what would be suitable for that particular area in your mind so that you could buy the right rug.

To help you get an idea, we provide you with a complete guide to select the best rug for your home. Stay tuned!

Choosing the Right Rug For Your Home

While getting a rug for your home, there are certain things to keep in mind, such as, which room you are getting it for, the size of that room, the colour theme of the walls and furniture of the room, the colour of the rug, the shape of the rug and the room, and most importantly which look do you wish to create.

Let’s discuss each aspect in detail to make it easy for you.

1. The Room

Different rugs are appropriate for different rooms. A durable and easy to clean rug would be a good idea for your kitchen and hallways since they have far more foot traffic than a living room or a bedroom. Moreover, try to get a patterned or darker rug for your hallways, to avoid the footprint's prominent visibility.

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If you want a rug for your bedroom, look for comfort and prioritize personal style. It should be cozy enough to step on after you get off your bed in the morning.

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Similarly, while getting a rug for your living room, remember that it’s a place where you spend time with family and friends. The rug should be comfortable and attractive.  

2. Size of the Rug and Room

Always be careful while selecting the size of your rug. It’s better not to guess but to measure. Analyze your room and then decide on the measurements that would work best for you and your space. There are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid placing a tiny rug in the centre of the room with no furniture touching it. Apart from providing colour and liveliness to the room, your rug is meant to bring all the furniture together in an area.
  • Buy a large-sized rug that touches or goes beneath the furniture.
  • You can try covering the floor with pieces of paper or newspaper to figure out what size would be perfect for that particular space.

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3. The shape of the Rug

You are not restricted to buying a rectangle rug. Maybe a rug with a different shape would give a better look to the room.

For example, a large circular rug would look amazing under a circular dining table. Or an oval-shaped furry rug placed beside a baby cot would look cute.

Similarly, if the dimensions of your room give your room a square shape, a square rug in the middle of the room would give it an outstanding appearance.

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4. Pattern, Color, and Style of the rug

One of the most important steps in the selection of the right rug for your home is to evaluate how you want to utilize the rug and the area that surrounds it. You should consider whether you want the rug to stand out or not.

If your room looks dull and you wish to add some life to it, use vibrant coloured rugs. Moreover, rugs with abstract designs and patterns never go out of demand. And the best thing is that they look amazing, and give out a vibe of innovation.


5. The Fabric of the Rug

It’s not appropriate to use the same fabric for the rugs in every room of your house. Various materials and fabric for rugs are available now, depending upon the area of your house where you are going to place it. 

Moreover, the maintenance of the rug should be considered, especially if you have pets or children in your house. 

The fabric or fibre of the rugs is important to keep in mind while buying a rug for a specific area. For example, if you are getting a rug for hallways, jute or Polypropylene fibres would be a great option because they are durable and easy to maintain.

In the same way, if you are looking for a rug to be kept near your fireplace, you should go for a wool rug. It is easy to clean, resistant to heat, and highly durable. Moreover, its softness makes it a perfect option for a warm and cozy fireplace.

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Rugs are also made from cotton and viscose, but these fibres are not as durable, however, they are soft and give out a shiny effect. Cotton or Viscose rugs are mostly used in living rooms or bedrooms, where there is less foot traffic. Acrylic rugs feel similar to wool rugs, they are easy to maintain and are durable.

When you love to decorate your home, you want everything in your house to stand out. But it doesn’t mean that you could compromise on the quality! Take your time in selecting the right rug. keep the above-mentioned points in your mind and choose wisely.