Trendy rugs

 Are you looking for a simple way to refresh your space?

Swap out your old rug for a new trendier piece to help revamp your room with just one item.

Trendy rugs are an easy way to brighten, soothe, or even balance your decor while bringing your space back in style. 

We know keeping up with trends is tough, so we made it a lot easier for you by pulling together a list of trendy rugs you can count on being long-lasting and perfect for your home. Minimal neutrals

Minimal neutrals

Known for their simplicity and versatility, these rugs have been popular for some time now—and are they not going anywhere. 

These rugs make an excellent piece for someone looking to balance their already vibrant room or wanting to complement their simple and serene style.

Minimal neutral rugs bring lightness and airiness to spaces, making styling easy and fitting most homes’ aesthetics. 

Because of their versatility, these rugs can easily be swapped into other rooms and fit your changing style.

 Viscose Hand Woven Rug   Viscose Hand Woven Rug

Bold colours

If you are looking to inject vibrancy and energy into your room, then a bold coloured rug is just what you need.

They have been gaining steady popularity following the pandemic as people are opting for more colourful fashion and home decor pieces. 

Bold coloured rugs are great for someone with an already modern space orsomeone who is looking to make a statement. 

Jacenta Paprika Rug   Jacenta Paprika Rug


Stunning stripes

Stripes are chic visual elements that help elongate your room or bring subtle visual interest to your minimal space. 

This timeless design has weaved its way through fashion and home decor and has been recently featured as a trend to watch by Vogue

Choose your stripes based on your room. For larger rooms, opt for a wider stripe. And for smaller rooms, chooses a thinner striped design. 

You’ll want to ensure to pick something complimenting to your space, as stripes can easily be overdone. If you love the trend but are unsure how to style them, opt for a more minimal design.

Brooklynn Ivory Rug 3   Brooklynn Ivory Rug 3


Pet friendly

Find a balance between style and practicality with a pet friendly rug. These trendy rugs have gained a lot of interest for their easy clean and care qualities. So if you have messy little ones, this is the right rug for your lifestyle.

Many rug retailers have specific categories dedicated to pet-friendly rugs, but if they don’t, here is what you should look for:

You’ll want to find a rug with a short pile (no shag). This way pet hair and dirt don’t get as trapped in the carpet, and you’ll have an easier time vacuuming. For material, look for wool or polypropylene rugs. They are durable and easy to clean.

Heritage Brick Rug   Heritage Brick Rug


Looking for more influence than minimal neutral but not as loud as bold colours? 

A geometric rugis a great choice to incorporate minimal modern touches into your space. These trendy rugs are perfect for those in-between minimal and bold styles as they blend simple streamlined shapes. They are an excellent choice to bring dimension and depth to your room.

These rugs also come in a variety of different colours and patterns, solidifying them as an easy option for everyone.

Melbourne Rhythm Chime Bone Rug   Melbourne Rhythm Chime Bone Rug

Soft pastels

Breathe colour and freshness into your space with a soft pastel rug. 

Originally from the retro era of the 50s, pastel-coloured rugs offer soothing colours without being too loud. 

They have become increasingly more popular as people are opting to re-decorate their space with retro or coastal beach feels. 

If you’ve been interested in incorporating pastel tones into your space, a pastel-coloured rug is a great option.

Mirage Candy Rug   Mirage Candy Rug

Vintage chic

Vintage is always making a comeback, and it’s no different when it comes to trendy rugs.

These rugs are known for being timeless and classic. They blend rich colours, methodical patterns, and intricate details to bring a sense of luxury to your space.

You don’t need to shop second hand to get your hands on a vintage rug. Most retailers carry vintage aesthetic rugs that will bring you the look without the age. 

These rugs are great pieces for someone with kids or pets as they are known for their durability and their ability to mask messes. 

Investing in a vintage piece will be worth your money as they are always standing the test of time.

 Gallery Ainsley Rust Rug  Gallery Ainsley Rust Rug

Cozy comfort

A trend made entirely more popular from the pandemic has been cozy comfort. People all over the world are opting for softer more welcoming material for their homes—including for their rugs. 

Choose a high-pile rug to bring visual coziness to your room, while also offering you comfort for your feet. Pick softer materials, like wool,cotton, polypropylene, orviscose. And decide on aesthetically pleasing neutral tones to bring a sense of comfort and serenity to your environment.

Cassie Fez White Rug   Cassie Fez White Rug

Animal hide

Pair your modern or eclectic style with an animal hide rug. These pieces are known for their large neutral prints and unstructured borders.

Animal hide rugs gained popularity in the 90s and have remained a stronghold in interior design ever since.

These trendy rugs have great versatility and longevity. They are easily styled on their own or overtop a minimal flat-woven rug. They make luxurious modern accents for traditional spaces or cohesive pieces for abstract places.

Exquisite Natural Cow Hide Chocolate

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