Choosing the right colour rug for your room is not an easy task. Especially given that it's an investment and a decision that will define your home for years. Every space is unique, so we've compiled some essential tips to help you find the perfect rug for your room.

Selecting Colour by Mood

You may want to select a colour based on how it makes you feel or what mood it brings into a room. If you desire creativity in your space, you may opt for a bold, bright or patterned rug. You may consider a muted colour if you want to invoke calm or coziness to your room. Muted colours like green, purple, blue, or beige can create a calming atmosphere. While Bright colours will bring energy and vitality into a room. Rich colours like burgundy, chocolate, and navy will make your room feel more intimate and luxurious.

Neutral Colours

Using Neutral Colours

Neutral tones are always a safe bet. They're stunning and can elevate the look of your room and decor. This option might be good for you if your room is already filled with many colours. It will bring a harmonious element to your space and add a touch of comfort. Light grey, beige, or peach are all excellent options that will allow for flexibility if you make other changes to your interior design. Light and neutral colours are also great for small rooms as they can make the space feel larger. So you can consider these shades for nurseries, your home office, or anything in between.

Bold colours

Using Bold colours

If you're feeling more adventurous and want to make a statement with your rug, a bold option might be best for you. You'll want to be careful when making this decision, though. A bold rug might overwhelm a room if you already have brightly coloured furniture. If your biggest piece of furniture is a neutral colour, though, like beige or black, you can most likely go bold underfoot. The key to choosing a bright or bold rug is to match it with accents or accessories in your room. These include throw pillows, curtains, or other minor elements.

colourful Patterns

Using colourful Patterns

You may want something eye-catching or a piece of art for your floor. If this is the case, a colour pattern could be what you're looking for. If your space already has solid or muted colours, a pattern might work well within the room. Oriental rugs are an excellent option for patterned rugs as they offer a unique design and sophisticated look.

Making It Match

Making It Match

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a rug when you already have a defined colour scheme in your room.

  • If your room already has a colour scheme incorporating bold or muted colours, stay in that realm of colour as it will complement what you already have going on.
  • If you have brightly coloured warm walls, like yellow or orange, soft greys and muted beiges can easily be incorporated for a finished look. But if your walls are soft warm, you can consider a brightly coloured rug.
  • If you decide on a rug that adds additional colours to your room, consider purchasing accents that will coordinate with it. If your rug adds emerald to your room, consider the same shade of green in vases, pillows, or wall art.
  • A patterned rug will be the perfect touch to liven up your space if you have solid decor and furniture. Try to match one of the hues in your room to the pattern.
  • If you have upholstered furniture with definitive patterns, a solid or muted rug will work best with your room.

colorful rug

Consider The Function of the Room

This is another critical factor when deciding on a rug colour. If you have kids or pets, or a lot of your time is spent in your living room, a white or lightly coloured rug might not be the best option. This is why entryways, which get a lot of foot traffic and dirt, are often purchased for hallways and entryways. Consider a dark-coloured or patterned rug in this case, so any accidental stains are difficult to notice.

Look To The colour Wheel

Still having a difficult time deciding the best colour rug for your room? The easiest way to get inspiration is to look at the colour wheel. Complementary colours are colours opposite on the colour wheel. Choosing opposites will give your space a high-contrast and visually exciting vibe. For example, you can place an orange rug in a room with blue accents. 

On the other hand, analogous colours are colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. They will provide some contrast but allow your room to feel put together. For example, you could select a blue rug in a room with green accents. If you want to avoid contrast altogether, consider a monochromatic scheme of the same colour in different tones. For example, select a light green rug for a room with dark green accents.

The Easiest Way To Select A Rug

If none of this has helped you, maybe you need to build the room around the rug. The most straightforward way to make sure a rug's colour fits into your space is to design the room around the rug. If you start with the rug, adding accents and larger pieces will be easy as you can match them to the rug itself. This way, you won't have to worry if the rug will match.

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