A new year, a new you. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to update your outdated rug or refresh the look of your home. The key to great interior design or selecting a new rug is choosing items that make you feel good, but there’s no denying that trends still shape our choices. From textures to patterns and colours, a new fad is always available to upgrade the look of your modern space.

According to design experts, some new decor trends are coming to light in 2022. From the bold to the dainty, there's a style for everyone, no matter your budget. Take a look at these ideas to get inspired for your new year look.

Trending Colours

If you want to draw inspiration from a hue, look no further than the top trending rug colours of 2022, which are sure to evoke emotion.


Yellow: A vibrant shade of yellow will brighten your room and your mood. It'll bring warmth to cold winter days and is the perfect choice for the new year.

Soft Pink: Soft pink is becoming more popular recently, giving a room a soothing effect. If you want to soften your space, consider doing it with pink.

Navy Blue: There's something fresh about navy blue. It makes a room feel airy and balanced. If your space needs to feel refreshed, look to this hue. 

Natural Colors

Natural Colors: Neutral is in, natural is in. Whether it's the colour of bark or leaves, natural shades are enriching the atmosphere of homes in 2022.

Trending Textures

Are you looking to add a textural accent to your room? Comfort is at the forefront of 2022’s top trending rug textures. Take a look below.

Trending Textures

Cut & Looped:  This texture adds intracity to the look of your space while being plush and comfortable.  

Plush: Comfort is favourable in 2022. Plush carpets are an easy way to bring softness to your space. 


Tufted: This pile is multidimensional and pet-friendly, so it's ever-popular among pet parents.

Now let's get to the nitty-gritty and take a look at the most popular rugs styles of 2022. The biggest takeaway from these trends is the combination of two or more styles into a completely innovative design experience. Go ahead, get inspired.

Tonal and Geometrical

Neutral is making a big comeback in many of the trends we see in 2022. But it's coming with many twists, one of which is tonal geometric rugs. It offers muted elegance along with a pattern. So you get the best of both worlds. Often, it can be hard to pair a bold geometric rug with your furniture or decor, but not with tonal geometric rugs. Our Arya Stitch Woven Rug will integrate seamlessly with any environment. It is an eclectic mix that draws from North African tribal motifs and the ever-popular Bohemian movement to add a tonal flair to your room.

Faded rugs

Artsy and Faded

Faded rugs are the new fad. They bring warmth to a home by making it feel lived in while also adding a nostalgic flair. Our Ayla Rug features a traditional design paired with a charming amalgamation of blue colours, ideally suited for 2022.

Turkish rugs


Vintage and Turkish 

Turkish rugs are another option becoming ever more popular to add a vintage touch to a room. Our Avenue Silver Rug incorporates a soothing pink colour and an antique look that will bring both comfort and luxury into your space.

Animals Hides and Prints

Animal print ebbs and flows, but it's back! Animal hides and patterns are excellent because they invoke a feeling of natural elements and can exist in neutral colours, or they can make a bold statement. Our exquisite Natural Cow Hide Brindle is ethically sourced from Brazil's finest tanneries and is the perfect way to bring a bold yet earthy element to your space.

Serita Rug

Calm and Neutral

If you love minimalism, then this style is for you. Not only do neutral shades bring tranquillity to your room, but it's versatile allows your decor to stand out. Our Serita Rug is inspired by a contemporary Scandinavian look and hand-knotted in India with wool. For a natural and eye-catching look that's soft underfoot, consider this calm and collected option.

Aerin Hatch Natural Rug


The world is becoming more conscious about what they buy and how their spending habits affect the planet. Interior design doesn't escape this new trend. If being eco-friendly and sustainable is essential for you, consider a natural Jute rug. They are designed and crafted for beauty, longevity, and comfort. Our Aerin Hatch Natural Rug is hand-loomed in India and reversible.

Rugs are here to stay. Besides their practical use, they can uplift the aesthetic of your home. Whatever style you want to achieve, we're here to help you stay up-to-date on the current trends. If you wish to go bold or minimal, we hope this article has helped you find the perfect addition to your space. Take a look at the photos below for some final inspiration.

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