Let's first define modern design as it is often confused with contemporary design, so let's explore the difference. Modern design refers to an era that has passed, while contemporary design is not born of a particular era. It refers to the present moment and is ever-evolving. There are several elements to modern design, and we will discuss them below.

Natural Materials: Modern design incorporates wood, metals, leather, and natural fibres. It accentuates these elements wherever possible.

Neutral Color Palette: Modern design often veers away from bright colours in favour of monochromatic and neutral colours. Beige, grey, white, black, and pastels are familiar to this style.

Clean Lines: Modern design emphasizes simple shapes and clean lines. It prefers horizontal and vertical details rather than curves.

Texture: Because neutral colours are a key element to modern design, it uses texture to add flare to a space.

Minimalism: Modern spaces are often free of clutter and prioritize functionality over fashion.

Tension: Due to the use of natural elements, it's not unusual to see a contrast between them, such as wood paired with concrete or fur accompanying metal.

Moody Aesthetic: Modern design is all about evoking emotion. Walking into a modern space will tell a story and create an atmosphere.

When we think of modern design, we think functional, minimal, and uncluttered, but that doesn't mean it must be dull or unwelcoming. To inspire you, we've created a list of 8 rugs that are both warm and interesting to complement your modern living space.


Want to add a bit of visual interest to your clean and simple room? Abstract rugs are open to interpretation and evoke emotion. Our Magnolia Silver Rug has no distinct pattern and uses colour to create ambience. Our Magnolia collection comes in two designs and five gorgeous shades that not only look impressive on the floor but offers comfort and functionality too.

iconic rugs    iconic rugs


Geometric rugs create a chic look in any space, often boasting bold colours and exquisite patterns. They are a piece of art all on their own. This Alpine Stone Rug is simplistic yet captivating. Featuring an elegantly laid geometric design, its sleek shapes and patterns brushed in three shades of grey offer a fantastic modern look to any decor. From our Alpine collection, you can choose from various styles, materials, and textures to complement a wide variety of rooms.

iconic-rugs    iconic-rugs


Neutral tones are essential to modern interior design. Wool is an excellent element to infuse coziness into any modern atmosphere. Want something neutral that still has texture? Our Winters Vision Rug features a soft grey colour with hand-tufted patterning and a raised effect. It is a versatile rug that gives you the flexibility to complement the grey, black or beige decor, bringing an entirely new conceptual creation to the realm of viscose and wool.

ICONIC RUGS    iconic-rugs

Mid Century Modern

The world is obsessed with mid-century modern. The style makes a home feel more lived in with bold and creative designs. Give your modern a little mid-century touch with our luxurious Broadway Ivory Rug. An ultrasoft and plush option that adds warmth with an eye towards style to create a relaxed atmosphere. A timeless piece that will be the perfect addition to highlight the modern style of your room.

Black and White

A perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your living space, our Huxley Rug is sure to complement modern interiors with its bold design. Featuring a striking diamond pattern, the Huxley is a beautiful black backdrop that adds creativity to any space. With a luxurious pile of wool and polyester fibres that have been hand-loomed to create a silky soft experience underfoot.


Are natural lighting and nature-inspired rooms more your thing? Natural elements in a living space bring warmth to your home. This Studio Carina Felted Wool Woven Rug has been masterfully woven by hand in India and perfectly creates an aesthetic with texture to any room. It has texture and neutral shades of colour to bring any room together.


Is comfort the most important thing for you? Look no further than our Saffron White Rug with a 40mm pile height to create a cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy. This stylish rug, part of our Saffron Collection, is irresistible and plush. It draws inspiration from traditional Moroccan designs but has modern sensibilities. The classic motifs add simplicity and elegance to any room. This rug can be easily integrated with any decor thanks to its neutral colour palette.


Our Mirage collection, aptly named for its ability to draw out a range of emotions, our Mirage Zela Silver Rug features a blend of modern and traditional elements that takes from the trending 'fade' style. This rug is timeless in more ways than one and comes in various shapes and sizes, including rectangular, runner, and round ranges.