In 2023, we are finding ourselves spending more time at home and as a result, it has heightened our desire to re-imagine the spaces, we reside in. Whether it is creating a well-organised office nook, re-igniting life into a living area, re-enforcing feel-good vibes to an outdoor entertaining area or tying together a luxe hotel-like feel in the master, our desire to be on-trend is apparent.

However, realising what is on-trend and then piecing it together cohesively without overspending can feel overwhelming.

As polished concrete, timber floorboards, and tile dominate our fixated floorings, we crave texture, warmth between our toes and partitioning within our living spaces. Area rugs provide just the solution!

We have scoured the insights from the experts in the field from interior designers, home decorating influencers, architects and alike. This will provide insights into the 2023 trending area rugs and the tools you will need to elevate the spaces you love.

Don’t be surprised after incorporating these concepts if your kitchen, living or dining space is the talk of the next ladies social.


1. Sustainable Rugs/Natural Material Rugs

With our impacts being realised in wild weather patterns today and scientific data supporting the bigger swings to come if we continue the status quo, sustainability continues to rank near the top of considerations when making selections for our homes. And rugs are no exception to this trend as we continue to seek out products labelled “eco-friendly”.

The natural material we recommend in rooms with little to no moisture is - Jute. This material is sought after for being non-toxic and grown pesticide-free. Its soft texture can provide a soothing sensation upon touch and with us spending more time indoors these days, Jute is a must-have for its ability to improve the indoor air quality of a room.

With all the craze around Jute, we cannot get enough of the Noosa Natural Rug originating from India. Its chevron patterns in a neutral tone provide subtle texture to a room and can provide a sense of calmness or lighten up a moody room.


2. Geometric Shapes

Our love for clean lines and contemporary design continues to dominate our curation of beautiful spaces into 2023. Geometric shapes provide us certainty and utilising them in spaces adds an element of balance.

When seeking beautification for any room, we resonate with geometric shapes with their versatility whether we are seeking everything modern or working with beloved trinkets and heirloom pieces to create harmony amongst the new and old worlds.

Try refreshing a room with the Visions Winter Grey Brush Modern Rug. While modern, it has an artisan feel to it being a hand tufted rug. We recommend its geometric shapes and cool grey tones pairs perfectly against pops of colour and quirky furniture pieces. This rug also fits well in bohemian spaces, art deco living rooms, a beachside oasis and more. We challenge you to get creative when incorporating this rug into your favourite space.


3. Outdoor Living Rugs

Bringing entertaining back to the home as becoming popularised in 2023, with venues feeling the greatest impacts from covid-19. Further, small gatherings at home feel more intimate and provide the perfect excuse to revive our outdoor living areas.

Outdoor rugs create the perfect canvas to set the scene or to ignite energy into an outdoor lounge or covered dining area to make it feel more inviting.

We are loving the Terrace Green Rug with its eye-catching pattern and pop of colour to elevate the mood of a space or add an element of glamour. This rug creates a chic feel and can be complementary to your neutral or solid colour outdoor lounge or entertaining areas. It pairs well with leafy outdoor planter boxes and natural stone or wooden furnishings. While this rug is durable and weather resistant, proper care of your rug can lengthen its life, so we suggest reading up further on rug care here.


4. Bright, Punchy and Bold Rugs

With all the doom and gloom 2020 brought us, we gravitate towards playfulness, happiness and anything which creates excitement in the places we seek out refuge. With the majority of our time being spent at home or the office, we seek to tweak the materials in which define the vibrations of these spaces.

Changing the paint of an entire room can feel cumbersome and become more of a permanent exercise. Instead, we seek out pieces which we can change by the season, or to match our moods. Rugs, which can be easily stored for a season or transitioned into another room, provide such solution.

A consistent favourite of ours is the Matrix Pure Wool Crayon Runner Rug. This bold rug provides the connection between rooms, can fill a boring corridor, orcan create a statement in a room that commands attention. Embrace your inner boldness, and this carpet can add depth to a kitchen, entrance, living or study.


5. Vintage Rugs

Oh, vintage do you ever go out of style? You tug on our hearts, making us romanticise of childhood memories, highlights of summer days now gone, or evoke memories of places afar. All in all, you make us feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

So why, not bring that warm and cosy back into our homes? We cannot get enough of the Legacy Rust Rug. Made in Turkey, we adore its fade of rust, beige, and teal tones found throughout. This rug creates warmth and interest with its intricate floral and medallion designs brilliantly woven together. While some recommend using a vintage rug alongside pieces of a similar era, we believe it is best stylised alongside modern furniture pieces found in a living, kitchen or office space with vintage rugs providing contrast.

Lastly, we are embracing vintage rugs for the ethnic feel they can bring into a room, and vintage rugs provide some of the best value in rugs as they wear well. Furthermore, their wear is remarkable in it adds to their character they offer.


6. Layered Rugs

What is better than one rug you ask? Playing with multiple textures, materials, and colours of two or more rugs is. This can not only bring more interesting elements into a space, but adds depth, comfort and can zone spaces. Further, you can use a secondary or third rug, to emphasise accent colours within a space.

We suggest experimenting with various sizes, colours, patterns, and textures. While there are no set rules, we suggest looking for points of connection between the rugs. Colour has been popularised as providing an excellent point of connection. This should be a fun endeavor, so experiment and share with us your results!

Start with the vibe you are seeking to create and then we suggest layering between 1-3 rugs, all with varying sizes.

We are currently dreaming about a contemporary urban feel by layering the Exquisite Natural Cow Hide Brindle rug with the Skandinavian White Rug.


7. Minimalism

Creating less clutter and expansive spaces is not only important in our thinking but bringing these same concepts into our homes and the spaces we want to dwell in. This can bring about clarity and calmness into our built environment.

Rugs are the perfect base in creating this idea coined -minimalism. The pillars of minimalism centres around great design and functionality. Area rugs can provide a blank canvas to incorporate such principles through clean lines, neutral colours, use as a sound barrier, protection of floorboards below, and by providing tactile comfort.

If we had to pick one rug that embraces the pillars of minimalism best, it is the Studio Oskar Felted Wool Striped Rug Grey. This mid-century rug pairs well with a wooden bed frame atop, sculpted furniture pieces, a functional desk, or a simple coffee table.

This timeless piece can be easily incorporated into your dining, study, living area, hallway and alike.


8. Eclectic-New + Old

old and modern combined rug

Why be like every other home or apartment on the block? Eclectic design is here to stay. We are becoming more exploratory in creating juxtapositions in our homes embracing both the classics and modern elements, making it so 2023.

Our favourite thing is inspiring you to push the boundaries, and create something unlike anything seen before, which means there is interest all around.

Rugs are the perfect piece when seeking to bring an eclectic vibe into your space. An eclectic rug can become the centrepiece, or tie together the varying patterns, textures, and colours within a room.

We suggest starting your room re-design with the Kenya Kimi Hand Woven Tribal Jute Rug. We love its chunky weave and it being eco-friendly. This rug pairs best with pops of solid colour, wood flooring and finding ways to tie together its elements through accent pillows, a couch, table legs, wall art or a vase. This gives the space not only an ethnic feel, but one of boldness and playfulness.

Alike layering, again we recommend finding points of connection and this can be easily found through colour or shapes.


9. Ocean Inspired

With nearly 34,000 km of coastline in Australia and over 10,000 beaches, Australians, are normally no more than 50km from a pick of one of our stunning beaches. Days spent here evoke emotions of stillness and peace. So why not transition these feelings into our homes or holiday home?

The elegance of the nuances of greys, blues and whites brushed in harmony makes the Emotion Navy Rug a top pick in bringing calmness and serenity into a room. This rug pairs well with natural wood furnishings to contrast its cool undertones or the addition of neutral tones to add to the serenity mood. This rug has a refine feel, so this piece alone can-do wonders in elevating a space.


10. Plush Rugs

Comfort is king in 2023 as we continue our pilgrimage towards making our home our ultimate oasis.

Whether it is a breezy winter’s night, or we are mid-summer cranking the air-conditioning, there is no denying at the end of the day, there is no better feeling than sinking into a velvety shag rug, while you begin flicking through Netflix.

Its ability to instantly create warmth into a stark room is marvellous!

We like to keep it simple with a solid colour, and this makes it oh so easy to retain your existing pieces. The Angel Silver Shag Rug will elevate a room with its silkiness and contemporary feel. Not only will this rug fancy up your living area, but we suggest considering it for a study or to add a hotel luxe feel to your master bedroom.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lying on this rug more often than not. 

Whether you're inspired by soft textures providing you with the comfort you seek or you are driven to seek out an eco-friendly canvas, we are the perfect jumping off stop for a new transformation or a room refresh with our vast offering staying ahead of the latest trends in area rugs in Australia.

Area rugs are essential when thinking about home décor. They are pieces of art and their brilliance in keeping a cohesive feel is undeniable. Regardless of where they fit in, their striking ability to change a feel of a room makes them a must have.

Unsure which size, styles or textures maybe suited to elevate your spaces? Send us a photo along with room dimensions and we can help guide you towards suitable solutions. Alternatively, check out our guide here outlining the considerations in selecting the perfect living room rug.

Together, let’s create beautiful spaces you feel good about and have you lingering in longer.