The living room is the place where you spend most of your free time with friends and family. It’s a place where you want to have fun, enjoy life and relax. That means you want to decorate it properly, with a rug that really fits your living room style and theme. But you have to wonder, how do you actually pick the right rug for your living room? Here are some tips and tricks to get started.

Pick the right material for your rugs

Some rug fibres are ideal for living room rugs, others less so. If you want to go for synthetic fibres, you should consider polypropylene. This is man-made, but it resists to wear and staining, and you can even clean it with some bleach, which does say a lot about its overall power and resistance. However, dragging furniture over it can lead to some damage, and that’s something you want to take into consideration.Polyester is another great option, mainly because it dries off fast and it resists fading and water-based stains. It’s not as good against oil-based stains.
Natural fibres like wool, jute, sisal or a wool mix can be very good for living room rugs too. They are durable and warm, they resist high traffic, and they can reduce shedding too. You should consider giving these a shot, and the results you can get are quite impressive, certainly more than anticipated. This is what makes these such an interesting option more often than not.

Where are you placing the rug?

If you want to buy the right living room rug, focus on practicality as much as you can. The main idea here is to make sure that you identify your rug’s main purpose if you want. A shaggy rug is great for a cozy and soft feeling, but it’s going to be harder to place under your furniture. Ideally, you want to have the rug centralised and you should have an equal amount of carpeted and uncarpeted space. Bringing this balance makes the experience better and more cohesive, with results being extremely impressive every time.
Rectangular rugs are very common for a living room since they can be the central piece and they also cover a lot of space. You can also have a central piece with a round rug. This type of rug is good if you want to define the living room space without a problem.

Think about your household and traffic

Whenever you buy a living room rug, you need to focus on what features you need from it. For example, if you have kids and pets in your home, you want a material that’s easy to clean and to remove stain from. The colours shouldn’t be very bright either. When there’s a lot of traffic, you can go with a low pile and flat-weave options, since they can reduce wear without worrying that much about any issues that might arise, so try to consider that. For those that have hard flooring, you can have a thicker pile rug to deliver extra padding and comfort.

What is your space like?

If you sit on the floor, a thicker rug is always a very good idea. On the other hand, if you just want to warm up the décor of your room with the rug, then you can go with a thinner rug. The colours should also match or complement your living room space as well. The carpet can be a beam of colour, or it can have the same colour as the walls or furniture. That’s up to you, and you will be impressed with the process and the way it all comes together.

What size should you go for?

That depends on your living room size. You can go with a few smaller rugs in the middle or any places where you have furniture. Or you can go for a larger rug to bring in a warm atmosphere. You are free to choose the option the way you want, and in the end, the results can be pretty impressive. It all comes down to your preference and when you do it right, the potential can be great.

The right material for high traffic areas

The living room is a high traffic area, so it makes sense to try and find the best material for it. With that in mind, a good option is to pick a jute or wool rug. These are known to be very durable and reliable, and they do bring in front a very comprehensive and rewarding experience. Try to use that to your advantage, and you will be more than happy with the results every time. It’s a great opportunity and a thing you must keep in mind. Polypropylene is also a good option, mainly because it mimics the jute and wool properties without being a natural fibre.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right living room rug for you and your family. It can take a bit of a trial and error to figure out which are the better options but avoid any rush and you will find the perfect rug for you. As soon as you do that, you will have no problem studying the right size and figuring out what works for your home. Use that to your advantage, and the outcome can indeed be among some of the best every time.