When it comes to home decor, the rug plays an integral role in adding texture, colours and patterns to the flooring. It is not only a piece to step on, rather it’s a quintessence staple in home furnishing.
Choosing the right rug for your space can be a tricky and thoughtful process. Shape, size, material, wearability are all factors to consider while buying a rug. In addition, you have to decide on the look and feel of your living space. Our ultimate go-to guide can help you to pick up the right rug for your home.


Choosing a rug for your floor is a great challenge. Large rectangular rugs will make your hallways and entry rooms look bigger, while the small oval and round shape rugs can be placed in front of the bed, sofa or table for a captivating look. 

For furnishing and protecting narrow spaces, runner rugs are the best choice. Their durable pile will protect the floor and give it a refreshing look.


Modern rugs highlights the best designs of recent years. They come with a great association of comfort and elegance to your space. Their various geometric patterns, bold colours and versatile shapes will give your living room, bedroom, hallways with an aesthetic and inviting appearance.


Traditional rugs feature classic motifs, bright colours, traditional patterns and an amalgamation of different bright colours. These rugs are originated in the mid-century in Parsia. They can elaborate with different decor and bring a classic look and traditional vibe to your place.



Natural fibre rugs are eco-friendly as they are made from a wide range of natural materials like jute, wool, sisal and cotton fibres for an easy style and versatile look. They add a unique and natural texture to your place and its hardwearing pile is also durable enough for high traffic areas.

These rugs are stain and fade resistant and also have great longevity. They simply create a timeless fashion and bring an organic vibe to your place.


  For bringing an organic vibe with superior comfort, polypropylene rugs are the best choice. Their soft and colourful pile provide great functionality to your space. These versatile rugs are both perfect for indoors and outdoors.


Viscose is derived from natural sources but is a manufactured fibre. The viscose rug has a lovely sheen and decorates the surface with beautiful vibrant colours and an eclectic style. Here both elegance and comfort are amalgamated to co-ordinate with various colour schemes. 

With viscose rugs, it is best to avoid spills and damp areas as liquids can stain the rug.