Open floor plans allow for more space within your home, with fewer walls and greater visibility across the space. It is now common with homes for there to be an open living area, where the kitchen, living and dining area conjoined into one large space. Utilizing rugs is an effective way to distinctly separate each area whilst adding comfort and improving aesthetics within your home. Here are the key points to remember when mixing and matching rugs within your home.

Mixing textures

The four key points to remember when styling rugs together are scale, texture, colour and style. It is important to find rugs that complement each other in one or more of these areas, otherwise, they will clash.

Mixing texture is an effortless way to style two rugs together. Choosing rugs within the same colour family but with different textures will seamlessly integrate within the space, without looking wrong or clashing. Mixing texture creates eye-catching floor décor that complements the open space plan whilst creating visual interest and theme within the space.


Our Atrium Barker Bleach rug would be a perfect match with the Terrace Natural rug due to their different textures and being of the same colour family.

Differing Scale & Shape

Playing with scale creates dimension within the space, and creatively integrating rugs of differing scales within the room allows you to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing landscape within your home. Large scaled print and smaller-scaled print work well together, whereas two large scale prints may clash. 

Funky shaped rugs work well with traditional, rectangular shapes, especially if there is a difference in scale between the two. Circular rugs and rectangular rugs can be mixed for an interesting, abstract effect and can be used to create the illusion of differing sized rooms within an open planned space.


Colour Theory:

Colour theory is important in mixing and matching rugs. Sticking with colours that mesh well together will elevate the interior design of the space for little effort on your part. Colours that do not mix well will cause the rugs to clash, which will devalue the aesthetic of the room. 

Choosing either cool toned rugs or warmer toned rugs is the best place to start with picking the colours for the room. Remember that your rugs will influence the rest of your interior and furnishings within the space, and it is important to choose a tone that matches well with your wall colours and your vision for the design of the room. 

Neutral tones are easier to match for beginners, and choosing to mix textures rather than colour is a better option for those of you who are not as confident in matching rugs. Choosing a rug like the Loft Stunning Grey Wool rug and matching it with the Studio Oskar Felted Wool rug in striped grey is perfect to elevate your space. 

Bold colours match well when colour theory is applied. Bold colours go well with neutral toned rugs, especially if you stick with warm or cool tones. Red tones look great with navy, turquoise and white for example, but clash with colours like violet unless they are the exact same tone and intensity.



Rugs of the same style tend to match well together, rather than mixing rugs of assorted styles. Of course, there are no set rules for interior design, but if you are a beginner, sticking to one style of rug that you like will make styling two or more rugs together easier.


The image above shows a mix of traditional Turkish-styled rugs matched together. As can be seen, even though the rugs are different in colour, texture and shape, because they have a distinct, matching style they look great together. There are millions of different rugs to choose from, so narrowing your search down to a rug style you love will make the process immensely easier. 

Some trendy styles of 2021 include bohemian, contemporary, traditional, and modern. 

Design Strategy 101: The Double-Up:

Doubling up on one of the above factors is a simple, yet effective, way to match rugs within your room. Picking an element, like style or texture, and then buying two rugs that share this element in a colour that matches will create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing floor décor.


Overwhelmed with all the choices and style options? You can simply start by purchasing two of the same rugs and doubling up this way. Although it is preferable to choose two differing rugs to create visual interest within the space, this is a simple method for beginners. 

Choosing two different shapes of the same colour is also a unique way to match two rugs within the space. Utilising differing scales as aforementioned works well with this method of doubling-up, as it creates the illusion of space. The image below is a notable example of this in practice. You can recreate this look by combining our Broadway Silver rectangular rug with the Oasis Selma Tribal Round Silver rug.


A Similarity and A Difference

Another style hack you can use to seamlessly mix and match rugs is to choose one focal similarity between the two rugs and a matching difference. For example, you could choose two rugs of the same style, but have different colours to create a gorgeous match.

Rugs of the same colour, but with different textures or different scaled patterns also work well together within a space. This technique is great for creating more detailed, visually appealing looks with ease, elevating the interior design of your room. 

Rugs that have assorted colours, but are close in texture or scale are a challenge to match well. However, when done, this can create a gorgeous, striking look within your room. It may take some trial and error when working with this technique, so be prepared to fall for more than one rug on your search!


Mix and Match Patterns:

Patterns can be utilized to match different rugs together within a room. It is important to take time when choosing patterned rugs to mix and match, as bold patterns may overshadow one another, overwhelming visitors. It is also easier to clash striking patterns. 

Simplifying pattern mixing can be easy – pick a striking pattern and a muted pattern when combining rugs. Remember what has been discussed previously – pay attention to style, colour, texture and shape. 

A striking abstract pattern, like our blue City Monnet rug, pairs well with a muted Terrace Blue rug.

abstract pattern

Similarly, a bold geometric shape like our Visions Winter Sand Hills Modern rug will be enhanced when paired with a simple, solid colour rug like the Atrium Beach Barker rug. 

In summary, mixing rugs can be the key to elevating the interior design of an open living space. When attention is paid to style, colour, scale and texture – rugs can be seamlessly matched to finish the décor of a room, creating visually pleasing spaces that guests will love.