Your living room is the communal space within your home. Use this guide to create an expensive-looking, aesthetic living room that will impress guests. You can create a more luxurious-feeling living room for your dream home today.

Here are five tips for creating your dream luxurious living room.

luxurious living room

The secret to expensive-looking lighting:

Light is key in creating a luxurious living room. Designers use layers to create interesting, individual rooms by mixing different textures, colors, fabrics, etc. The idea of layering light is similar: it involves combining different types of light to achieve a particular mood or feel. It instantly elevates the luxurious feel of your living room because layering light breathes life into your living room, creating an atmosphere that makes your house a home.

luxurious living room

Three distinct concepts can be used to layer light. An ambient light source is what you need to make your way around a room without bumping into furniture; the kind you need to see the whole room. This is usually the main source of light within your room.

Furthermore, accent lighting is used for aesthetic purposes - it is designed to draw attention to certain areas of your room. Chandeliers are a good example of accent lighting.

You need task lighting for your practical needs. Thus, during specific activities, you are able to see what you are doing because of this kind of lighting. Think of a well-placed lamp in your book nook or a desk lamp.

When layering light, lamps are your best friend, as they work for all three categories. Natural light is super important and should be the key consideration in layering light within your living room. You never want to overpower the natural light within your room, as you want your living room to look impeccable no matter what time of the day it is.

Statement lighting fixtures are always worth it. They can make your room look bigger and more expensive. When used in conjunction with layering, lighting can solidify the luxurious feel of your living room.

lighting fixtures

Texture is key:

The purpose of textures in interior design is to add physical comfort and visual interest to a space by using materials like fabrics, wood, and stone. Making textural elements work requires layering and mixing materials.

Smoother surfaces such as chrome reflect light and create a more contemporary aesthetic. Rough, coarse textures, such as reclaimed wood create a rustic aesthetic.


Rugs are a great way to incorporate texture within your living room. Light woollen rugs, like our Loft Stunning Wool Grey Rug, works in attune with wooden flooring, creating strong visual interest within your living room.

A rug fit for a king:

Large rugs make your living room appear larger, and larger spaces instantly feel more luxurious. Whilst you may be tempted to invest in a smaller rug, you run the risk of dwarfing your living room. In this communal space? Choose a rug that is fit for a king.

Large rugs

If you’re looking for a more rustic vibe, our Oasis Ismail White Grey Rustic Rug is the perfect fit for you. With beautiful patterning, durable pile and super versatility, it elevates the luxurious feel of your living room with ease.

A statement larger rug is also an option, like our Oasis Noah Charcoal Contemporary geometric carpet. Visually appealing, eye-catching and impressive, this rug will make your living room appear straight out of vogue, wowing guests. Geometric is super trendy at the moment, so it’s a surefire way to get guests talking about your living space.

Large rugs

Large rugs are a staple in luxurious living rooms. We have amassed an impressive collection of large and oversized rugs here at Iconic Rugs, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your home.


Painting your room can transform it radically. When choosing a colour scheme, it's important to take all elements into consideration. The colours you choose for a luxury-looking room should coordinate and complement, not clash. Choosing two complementary colours will keep friction at bay.


Keep trims the same colour as walls, so that eyes will be drawn to the statement pieces within your living room. It can be overpowering to have the trims painted in a variety of colours.

Colour psychology is as important in interior design as it is in marketing. Neutral colours are always a win, but using complementary colours that exude wealth and regality will also elevate the luxurious feel of your living room.

interior design

It is difficult to overlook the influence of blue in colour psychology. Using navy and royal blue as your colour scheme will help you evoke confidence, and they are associated with admirable attributes like loyalty, trust, peacefulness, and success. A carpet like this one would work well with neutral tones to create the aura of success, making your living room appear more expensive.

Purple evokes a wide variety of feelings in colour psychology, ranging from depth and emotion to fantasy and nobility. There is something regal and luxurious about purple, so it can give a space a real presence. Our Eternal Whisper Vision in magenta is a larger rug that will help to evoke these feelings within your living room.

When it comes to striking emotions, red is one of the most enticing colours on the colour wheel. In addition to the primary hue's motivational qualities, red also expresses action and willpower. In some cultures, red is synonymous with good luck and wealth, making it an exemplary shade to complement neutral tones within your living room. We have a selection of red rugs at Iconic Rugs that will elevate your living room to its luxurious best.

Large rugs

Get artsy:

Although art might seem obvious, it adds instant value to any space. Layer pieces that complement your style and tell a story throughout the room - this will not only add character but also serve as a point of interest for guests. Art is associated with wealth, and instantly creates an expensive allure within your living room.

It's best to stick to either one large statement piece or up to five smaller pieces. When using smaller pieces, give each a bit of breathing room and make sure none of the walls are bare.

Think about your furniture's height and space. If you are able, a sculpture is a great option to make your room appear more luxurious. If not, a smaller sculptural feature on a coffee table or bookshelf will add wealth to your living room.


There you have it. Creating a more luxurious feeling living room can be easily achieved if you follow the tips listed above. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve the expensive-looking living space of your dreams. Getting creative, sticking to a theme and investing in a few statement pieces will have you well on the way to creating a more luxurious living room instantly.