Okay, you've narrowed it down to buying handmade rugs in Australia. Now what? With the abundance of information on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Groups or even TikTok sending your head spinning, we are here to condense down what factors actually do matter. This way, you can ensure the bespoke rug you have been eyeing for months is the right fit for the space you are looking to re-invigorate energy into.

Before we consider which important factors to consider when buying handmade rugs in Australia, you may be asking what exactly is a handmade rug?

The art of rug making dates back to the 5th century BC or some accounts even suggest earlier where rugs were predominately made out of wool and silk. While the industrial revolution has helped to mass create rugs, if you are seeking a rug that will be a constant in your space, a quality handmade rug should be your consideration. The main point of difference in determining if a rug is handmade is by looking at the edge of the rug. A true hand made rug will flow nicely into the fringe versus one that appears sewn or glued on. Further, when examining an authentic handmade rug, you can spot imperfections in the knots on the rear side of the rug.

Hold tight as we walk you through the selection process for your next handmade rug. Trust us, by educating yourself now, this will save you lots of money and heartache down the road. Handmade rugs are prized possessions, and understanding their nuances is vital in ensuring they continue to grasp your gaze each time you walk through your favorite space and ponder "if handmade rugs can evoke such a mood, what else can they offer a space?”

Handmade rugs

1. Budget

While we envision our re-decorating funds constantly replenishing, the reality is we have already set aside $15,000 for a kitchen cupboard re-fresh; our kids are calling looking for assistance in surviving through university and we are dreaming of exotic trips abroad once the borders open. So here we are fiercely calculating our outgoing expenses on our iPhones and realizing this custom made Persian handmade rug from a quirky shop in Istanbul isn’t the solution. Good thing we have done the hard yards and we can source you an array of handmade rug options to your door, making you re-take out your phone and wondering. I can even throw in a matching ottoman with these newfound savings.

Premium Budget

Let’s be honest, even our most premium handmade rugs, will still put money back into your pocket once the credit card charge has been approved.

But, if there is room in the budget, and a quality investment is what we are seeking we know when this rug continues to retain is shape, look and feel year after year, there will be no regrets. The time it takes to produce a handmade rug and the type of materials used are factors which assist in a handmade rug commanding a premium. However, if you are seeking a wool handmade rug, but it is outside of your price range, we suggest considering a blend with viscose or jute.

Wool rugs will command a premium; however, this robust material can ensure the longevity of your next handmade rug.

The indulgence of the Salena Rug Ivory is the perfect handmade rug cure for any extravagant women with it being 100% wool. Plus who doesn’t adore its diamond patterns which draw the eye?

Median Budget

You stand for quality and seek it out but can only justify median pricing. You like to fit in just in the middle and a well-priced handmade rug which hangs just there, suits. In this situation, we suggest seeking out natural materials such as cotton or jute. Plus, you can boast how conscientious you are with both materials being eco-friendly.

For the vintage edge, we are idolizing the Magnolia Denim Rug in our mix of modern meets quirky living room overhaul.

Value Budget

You are frivolous and seek the most value for money in all your purchases. However, don't fret this being a negative as our strong relationships with our suppliers ensure we can serve your requirements.

We suggest considering handmade rugs blended with both natural and synthetic materials such as viscose and rayon. Another option could be to opt for a smaller rectangle rug and then eventually layer the rugs to fill more space when the budget allows for it.

The intricate details of the Lunar Printed Gold Round Rug, can instantly provide some feel-good vibes to your entryway while leaving you with funds spilling for the next space.

Given these recommendations, if your eye is still on the 100% handmade wool rug, and it is out of your price range, do keep in mind our frequent sales or consider the option of payment through after pay which allows you to evenly split the payments into 4 payments every 2 weeks.

Lunar Printed Gold Round Rug

2. Function

You happily have ticked off the budget component and now you may be contemplating which spaces require a layer of depth or perhaps a mood change. Furthermore, you may be asking yourself what is the tactile feel I want these spaces to embody? Perhaps the tiles in the kitchen are feeling rather cold on your toes now winter is in full force. And you may be looking for ways to bring in warmth into this space.

A cotton handmade rug known for its softness and robustness in high traffic areas may be just the solution.

Other benefits of cotton handmade rugs include:

  • Great if you suffer from allergies
  • Easy to maintain clean during times of covid-19 as this material can be steam cleaned or spot cleaned
  • Retains dyes well- this will ensure your carpet colours remain vibrant

However, please keep in mind there is a few downsizes to cotton including:

  • While they are great in high traffic areas, they can show wear and tear over time; and
  • They are not spectacular at repelling stains, so try to soak up any stains promptly

Lastly, another thing to keep in mind when seeking cotton rugs is they are typically found blended with other materials such as jute, cotton, viscose or rayon. So, do consider the percentage split of these other materials, and the pros and cons of their properties. If softness is king for you, we suggest considering the Magnolia Rose Rug.

Alternatively, you may want to reflect if there will be any moisture in the air as some carpets cannot handle moisture. If so, and perhaps you are looking to refresh an exterior area, then understanding the properties of a handmade jute rug could save you money and energy down the pipeline.

One of the downsizes of a jute handmade rug includes, it doesn’t fair well in moist or damp environments as this can cause the fibres to decompose.

However, there are a number of benefits of jute handmade rugs including:

  • Adds warmth to a space with its brilliant tan colour
  • Low maintenance, but we recommend a regular vacuum clean
  • Has a beautiful soft tactile feel. Although it's not plush like, it provides added texture to spaces in which it occupies
  • Durable
  • Can conceal dirt well amongst its tan colour
  • Generally, is well-priced

Given these findings, perhaps you may look at a handmade jute rug for a home office space? We are captivated by the Kenya Kimi Hand Woven Tribal Jute Rug adding a sense of playfulness into the home office nook.

the Kenya Kimi Hand Woven Tribal Jute Rug

3. Long Term Vision

When it comes to function, it is vital to consider the long-term vision for your handmade rug.  Is the space you are envisioning a handmade rug for frequently re-stylized? If so, is there another room this rug can be re-purposed to in the future?

Fiercely strong materials such as wool, will squash any doubts you may have abouta handmade rug’s durability. A woold handmade rug is more of a long-term investment, so well, the price might be around $1,000 for a large piece, think of its price per use or price per year you anticipate onretaining this rug.

Some other benefits of wool handmade rugs include:

  • Hides mess well ie. spills from your sister’s kids acting obnoxiously are squashed- wool handmade rugs can hide dirt well due to their ability to prevent the materials from penetrating deep into its fibres
  • Provides excellent sound attenuation whether you are living in an apartment building and worry about the clinking of your heels or looking to drown out the street traffic outside your windows
  • Retains its shape well for example if it has spent the past year sandwiched between timber floorboards, and an antique couch, and you are now looking to repurpose it.

Since one of the key benefits of wool is it is great for hiding spills, it may be useful in a dining area or coffee table where you might frequently eat. We suggest the Maison Noah handmade rug as the perfect addition to your morning routine repertoire.

One downside to the wool handmade rug is the colours can fade over time, but perhaps this adds to its depth and feel. We strongly suggest, if your budget permits, a wool handmade rug should be your first choice.

At this point, you might be quietly raising your voice inside. What about sustainability?

Don’t worry we have you covered. As sustainability continues to be at the forefront of the minds of purchasers like you, handmade rugs perfectly fit the mold being made from natural materials such as cotton, jute and wool- all encompassing eco-friendly properties. Looking to stay abreast of the latest trends in area rugs in 2021, read here for further insights.

wool handmade rug

4. Construction of Materials

Part of the appreciation in considering purchasing a handmade rug is understanding the innerworkings which go behind their creations. These are craftsmen, Artisans Time and labour are the major components which as a result causes creators to spend a great deal on both to create these bespoke pieces, we flaunt in the spaces we love.

Understanding the craftsmanship and appeal of the construction of each handmade rug may spark excitement in which may be the best fit for your home.

Handwoven handmade rugs as their name suggest is purely - artisan based and no machines are required. This construction will commonly utilise natural materials such as jute, cotton and wool. A popular handwoven technique is the flat weave which is created on a loom. This construction type is most commonly identified by flipping a rug over. The design on the front will mirror that on the rear. Further, a flat weave hand-woven rug is identified by having no pile- which alludes to the density of fibres. No pile provides a flat like appearance. With multi coloured accents and mountain-like shapes, the Atrium Bunting Multi Rug, can make a statement piece to your living room or entertainment spaces.

If you are seeking more inspiration on how to stylize your living room with a rug, we suggest reading here further - How to Pick the Perfect Rug for Your Living Room?

Another construction type within the handmade rug’s realm is the hand-tufted. This handmade rug is identified by having no knots but utilizes loops instead. All loops are pulled back into the rug’s backing. One way to identify this construction type amongst is peers is to flip the rug over. The rug’s backing will not mirror the front design. Please keep in mind, the knots in this construction type may loosen over time and this rug can shed frequently, so it may require more upkeep regularly or maintenance down the line.

Looking back to you value seekers, the hand-loomed construction type may be a suitable consideration for you. However, do keep in mind the longevity may be lower in comparison to its hand weaved and hand-tufted peers. So, weighing up all considerations is important.

Hand-loome drugs front to back can take anywhere between 1-3 days to construct. They can be easily identified by having no fringes. The simplicity of the Atrium Barker Bleach Rug, adds the perfect balance to any room.

Atrium Barker Bleach Rug

5. Size

The final check in your handmade rug journey is to check for size. Firstly, let’s dig into the size of the space you are seeking to display your handmade rug. Once you have the size in mind, you need to consider the fixtures located within the room and the flow. What is the intention or impact you want your handmade rug to make?

Perhaps you are looking to add some warmth to a room? Then you can look to have all the furniture sit above the handmade rug, fringe the edges of the furniture, or have the handmade rug rest within the furniture. It is really up to your personal preference!

If you are considering all furnishing sitting above the handmade rug, we suggest measuring all pieces, their ideal distance between and then determining what size would be required to capture everything in its entirety.

Or if you are looking to make the handmade rug with its artisan details the centre piece, you can float it underneath a coffee table, edging the outskirts of a couch or chairs, or it consistently fills gaps in a long narrow hallway. We are drawn to the Atrium Barker Green Runner in adding a boost of colour into a dark and narrow hallway.

Also, it is important to consider the size and weight of your furniture. Really large furnishings maybe difficult to move, so it is important to consider if the rug fitting underneath is a must or if you are happy to work around this piece. In this case, if the item requires movers to place, it may make more sense for the edge of the handmade rug to fall in front of the furniture versus capturing it below.

It is also important to factor in the architecture or flow of your spaces. i.e., you might naturally have pop out areas for a study or an oddly shaped foyer which might naturally set the stage for a handmade rug placement.

Always keep in mind the function. If you are moving chairs or benches frequently, you want to ensure there is enough room for some movement from the rug, so each time you duck out for a wine re-fill or serve your next course, you aren’t constantly catching your chair on the rug.

As aforementioned, the size of a carpet typically correlates to its price. So, if you are seeking an oversized artisan handmade rug, be prepared to pay between $1,000-$3,000 depending on its construction and fibres which comprise the rug.

We have saved our best budget-friendly tip for last! If you cannot pay the premium of the oversize handmade rug, consider layering a few smaller rugs to fill a space- plus this could add more interest if you choose varying textures or hues. Read here for further tips on creating the perfect rug layering.

Great work in asking yourself some tough questions and really reflecting on the intention when considering buying a handmade rug in Australia. You are now well on your journey to finding a beloved handmade rug!

Please drop us a comment below with the tip you found most helpful in considering a handmade rug.