Rugs are typically treated as an afterthought in comparison with nearly every other major furnishing in your bedroom. Unlike your bed frame and other furniture items, rugs are usually selected based solely on price and durability, rather than how they will set the mood for a room.

Before you order a rug, take a look at some inspiration and shop some rugs so you can see the overall effect in the room before you commit. Rugs give you the creative freedom to completely change the look and atmosphere of your bedroom - so it's important to choose the right one for you.

Why waste money redoing your bedroom furniture when you can simply change your rug?

Here's a handy guide for changing the look and feel of your bedroom using a rug.


Combine Colour and Print:

Using a bright colour palette in your carpet with a bold print can bring character to your bedroom. This is especially effective if the palette of your bedroom is neutral. A pop of colour can go a long way in creating a new look in your room.

If you know what feel you want your room to have – apply colour theory.

Blue fosters a feeling of calmness and serenity. It’s a good colour choice for bedrooms, as it helps the brain relax.

Green, on the other hand, gives off a feeling of growth. It can also be symbolic with the feeling of envy.

Red is the colour of love and passion, which is perfect for your bedroom.

Once you know what aesthetic you want for your room, choose a bold colour that will match it. You can change the entire feel of your room without changing any furniture aside from the rug. This saves you money and gives you plenty of opportunities to play with different styles and aesthetics.

Bright patterns can also create a new aesthetic within your bedroom and completely change the look of the room. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full colour rug just yet, a bold pattern can be the perfect solution for you. Shop our bold patterns here.

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Follow Trends:

Wanting to give your bedroom a more modern feel? Following trends may be a good choice for you. Trends are constantly changing, but here are a few popular rug trends in 2021.

Textiles that make us feel comfortable and colours that make us feel warm are currently in vogue. This trend emphasizes earthy-toned, natural materials like sisal, wool, and jute to create a calming effect.

Neutral tones will always be popular, but designers predict a move toward bold and colourful rugs that express more personality. There is a growing popularity for rugs with vibrant colours and patterns inspired by art deco.

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Your home deserves to stand out. This season is all about bold geometric prints. Bright, patterned rugs make a big statement. Geometric rugs are popular choices for bedrooms as it is striking, daring and looks great in a neutral tone, which works well in bedrooms.

Trends allow you to experiment with different styles and feels whilst also creating a modern look inside your bedroom. If you aren’t sure how you want to change the feel of your bedroom, a trend may be the best choice for you?

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Layering is Key:

Right now, rugs layered over each other are one of the hottest trends in interior decorating. You can add warmth, texture, and character to your home by layering your rugs. A small rug layered over a larger rug draws attention to the area where it is found. To highlight your bed and other bedroom furniture, layering rugs is a good choice.

You can also layer rugs to play with colour and pattern in your interior. This is an excellent way to introduce bolder colours into your home by laying a colourful rug over a plain carpet. As discussed above, colour is the perfect way to introduce a brand-new feel to your room with little overhead cost. Layering rugs gives you even more options.

Manipulating Size:

You don't need to replace your floors if the colour of your floors contrasts with your decor or if they're in poor condition. Instead, buy a room-sized rug in a neutral hue. It's more affordable and can give your bedroom a brand new feel without breaking the bank.

You can also use a circular-shaped rug to highlight the end of your bed or other furnishings, including mirrors and side tables. Bright circular rugs can create a beautiful contrast with the rest of the decor in your room.

Square-shaped rugs can make the room appear larger. They are easy to make work within the room. Plus, they're great for areas of low foot traffic and with minimal furniture. Using a high-pile square rug can create a luxurious feel for your bedroom.

Check out our other guide on choosing the right rug for your bedroom here.

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Using Contrast:

Want to create a luxurious, bold look within your bedroom? Contrast is the best way to go about this. Using colour, pile or size to contrast with the rest of your bedroom furniture, it creates a luxurious look. It instantly elevates the expensive feel of your room with barely any hassle on your part.

You can use bold contrasting neutral colours in your rug if you aren’t feeling that adventurous. However, a bold colour or pattern could work incredibly well within this space.

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And there you have it! Creating a new look or feel in your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the advice above, you will be able to revitalise your bedroom with little effort. Shop our range at ICONIC RUGS now to find your new bedroom rug today.