There is no doubt that a rug makes or breaks a room. The right rug will bring everything together and complete the room. Your living room is the communal space where your family and guests congregate to relax and unwind. A great area rug in this space is visually pleasing, makes a statement, and completes a room. Here are some great tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your living room.

rug size

Size is key:

Avoid choosing the wrong rug for the space. The size of a rug can make all the difference in how your space looks - or does not. Invest in a larger rug every time; you won't regret it. In large, open-plan living spaces like a living room, bigger is definitely better. You want your rug to be able to encompass most of your living room furniture - or at the very least, your sofa and coffee table.


Orientation is also important in making your living space appear more cohesive. A rug should be placed lengthwise in a long room. Circular rugs can offset oddly shaped living rooms or living rooms that are of smaller size.

If your home has open plan living, consider any other carpets that are also in the space. You want to make sure these rugs always complement each other, otherwise, you may risk your living space looking tacky and cluttered.

Make a statement:

An interior with neutral furniture and walls can benefit from adding colour and interest by choosing a patterned carpet. It's also important to note that patterned rugs will hide dirt and spills better than solid rugs, which are more likely to show them. In high-traffic areas, such as the living room, this is an excellent choice.

living room

Your living room is the best place to use a colourful, patterned rug to make a statement. If you have a neutral interior, this is a great way to add life and brightness to your space. Geometric rugs are super trendy within living rooms at the moment, as are traditional patterned rugs. Both of these make great additions to your space and are very visually aesthetic.

Even if bold colours aren’t your thing, adding a pattern like stripes is also trendy. Your living room is the place to make a statement with your rug – so feel free to get experimentative!


Why you need to focus on pile?

Pile is a personal preference and deciding on the material of rug that is perfect for your space depends on your needs. If you are looking to prioritise comfort and have your rug be super warm and inviting, a high pile rug such as a shag rug may be a great choice for you. This does come with a sacrifice, as higher pile rugs do require greater upkeep and maintenance. Professional cleaning is recommended for high pile rugs, and regular vacuuming is a must.


If you would prefer to have a lower maintenance, more durable rug for your living room, then choosing a low pile material such as polypropylene is a good choice. This is also a great option for those who have children or pets and may be exposed to frequent spills and messes. These low pile rugs are easy to clean and can be spot cleaned when accidents occur, making them a great choice for families.

We have a large stock of both pile types here at ICONIC RUGS. This means there is a great selection to choose from to find your perfect rug.

Avoid blacks & whites:

Don't choose black or white rugs for living room spaces. These colours require a lot of upkeep, and in a high-traffic area like your living room, this can be a recipe for disaster. Black may also make your living room appear smaller or cluttered.

All carpets require upkeep to keep them looking as good as new. If you have children, pets or like to host guests, a white rug is a recipe for disaster. Stick to colours and neutral tones to save you many headaches in the future, and create a more visually appealing living room.

 rug or risk clashes

Either start your room or finish your room with your rug or risk clashes:

Rugs are statement pieces, especially in a living room setting. This is why it is key to either build the room around your rug of choice or choose a rug that complements your furniture perfectly. The wrong rug can offset the aesthetic of your living room, which is every interior designer's worst nightmare.

To make a statement with your rug and to make it the centre of attention, start with it and then put everything else around it. In contrast, if you already have beautiful furniture in the larger space, your rug can be a complement to that furniture. Either way, deciding on a rug in the middle of your interior design process may disrupt the creative flow of the room. It's best to decide on your rug first or save it as the finishing touch for your living room.


Match your flooring:

Flooring is an important consideration when picking your dream living room rug. Rugs are typically placed on top of a floor base, and there are some colours that blend well together. Warm-toned timbers complement warmer rug shades well. Modern, lighter coloured flooring works well with neutral colours and geometric patterns. Remember, if your rug does not look good with your flooring, it will make the entire room appear off balance.

Neutral-toned flooring is the perfect playground for bold colours and patterns because this will draw the eyes and make a statement for guests. Avoid clashing a cool-toned rug with warm-toned flooring, because it will look odd.

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