Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you spend many hours resting and recuperating from the day. It’s important to choose a rug that will make your bedroom your oasis, giving you something soft to walk on and adding visual aesthetics to your bedroom.

Providing sound absorption, temperature stabilization, and cushioning, rugs are very useful items for homes. Making your bedroom floor a soft oasis will make getting out of bed every morning that much easier. The addition of an area rug can add colour, pattern, texture and coziness to a bedroom that may otherwise have wall-to-wall carpeting. 

The following are a few tips for finding the perfect rug for your bedroom.

Size Matters 

Size Matters:

There is a wide range of bedroom shapes, sizes, and furniture layouts, making it difficult to determine what size and what way to place the rug in your bedroom. It may be overwhelming at first, but with a few little tricks, you will have the perfect fit for your room.

Keep these simple guidelines in mind: make the bed the centrepiece of the room, and let the rug extend 18-24 inches beyond the edges of the bed. This will help you choose the right rug for your room.


Firstly, the bed should be the focus of the room, so a rug should be used to enhance it. Depending on the size of your bed and the placement of it within your bedroom, the rug should be placed either under or next to the bed.

Sticking to a larger sized rug is key. You will always step on something soft as you climb in or out of bed by adding an 18- to 24-inch border around the bed with your rug. This will help accent the bed as well, which is the goal of a rug within a bedroom. 

Rug Placement Ideas

Placement Ideas:

Here are three popular rug placement ideas that will work within your bedroom; with runners at the side of the bed, bed placed fully on the rug or partially on the rug.

Runners next to your bed are a less common option, but still highly recommended. If you are limited on space or your bed needs to be in a corner, this is a great solution. For this look to be successful, the runner needs to be slightly wider than the nightstand and should not extend beyond the foot of the bed.

We have a wide range of runner rugs available at ICONIC RUGS to suit your needs.  

large-sized rug

If you want your bed to be placed fully on the rug, a large-sized rug is key. Having the entirety of your bedroom furniture on the rug makes a dramatic statement, depending on your budget and space. 

Don't forget to keep all of your bedside tables’ legs on top of the rug if you go this route as two legs hanging off will make the surface uneven. This increases the risks of spills and damage from things falling off of your bedside table, a headache that can be easily avoided. 

It is possible to use a smaller, less expensive rug or avoid overwhelming a small area by only having the rug under the bottom 2/3 of the bed. To ensure level furniture in this layout, bedside tables and additional furniture should be placed directly on the floor and not on the rug. This again protects from spills.

stylish rugs

Choose Your Style:

When it comes to separating your space, your bedroom is your refuge. Area rugs should be chosen according to your personal taste and balance. You don't need to worry a lot about foot traffic in your bedroom. Think about luxury and comfort instead. This is the place to opt for a more expensive, higher pile, fluffier rug rather than choosing durability. 


There are a couple of tricks of the trade when choosing a rug style for your bedroom:

Choose a neutral rug for your bedroom if you are going big. Glaring, bright fabric may be overwhelming in a larger rug, as it will overpower the space. This will not create the relaxing sanctuary you’re aiming for. 

If you have a bed frame, nightstands, or bedding, see how the upholstery affects the overall look. Choosing a lively pattern is a great idea if the majority of your master bedroom furniture is upholstered in a solid colour. This is where traditional, oriental and geometric patterned rugs shine, as they create the visual difference. 

Striped rugs

It is possible to make smaller rooms look bolder with rugs. Striped rugs are a great choice if your bedroom is small. As you walk around your room, stripes elongate it, drawing you in and inviting you to climb into those sheets. Runners are also a perfect choice for smaller rooms, as you can get that aesthetically pleasing, soft-feel rug without dwarfing your smaller space.

In your bedroom, your personal taste is what matters above all else. As you are aiming to create a luxurious, comfortable oasis in your bedroom, it’s important to choose a style of rug that makes you feel most at home. Utilise the above to help you in choosing a rug that will make you feel at home in your room. 


The Material: 

Bedrooms should be places of peace and tranquillity. A place to escape from the stresses of the day. A bedroom rug that prioritizes comfort and style will therefore be the best choice. A bedroom's private setting makes it the ideal place for high-pile, plush rugs. There is low foot traffic in a bedroom, so you can compromise slightly on durability for comfort.

Even a shag rug can be used in the bedroom. Super soft and comfortable, shag rugs are a delicacy for your feet. However, they do require extra maintenance to keep them looking brand new. Shag rugs should be shaken and vacuum cleaned regularly, and professional cleaning is a must. 

wool and polypropylene

High-pile, plushier rugs with less maintenance required include wool and polypropylene. Both are super soft and durable and require less maintenance. 

A handwoven rug may be a good option for your bedroom. Again, these rugs may require extra care due to their handmade nature. However, they will give your bedroom a luxurious feel that will turn your bedroom from a room into an oasis. 

Rug Pad

Rug Pad: 

With rug pads, it is tempting to overlook them since they are out of sight. Despite its seemingly insignificant role, pads can make or break a rug. A rug pad is primarily used for preventing rugs from slipping, but it also has other benefits.

An extra felt-and-rubber rug pad under your bed can still help prevent bunching and provide additional comfort and noise absorption, despite the rug not slipping too often when placed fully under your bed.


You should always anchor bedside runners with a rug pad. If your rug slips out from under you, you'll have a nasty fall. Nothing is worse than waking up to groggily start your workday and ending up on the floor - so a rug pad provides the extra protection to ensure this does not happen. 


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