Your kitchen is a place where you want to add textures, colours, and warmth to the space. Utilising area rugs is a great way to add colour to a neutral kitchen and add comfort underfoot in spaces where people spend a lot of time on their feet.

Here is our guide to choosing the best-suited area rug for your kitchen.


Why you need an area rug in your kitchen:

Area rugs are simply carpets that are smaller than the dimensions of the room. You can use area rugs to add warmth and quietness to your space and to protect your flooring. By doing this, you can avoid costly headaches in the future, as well as reduce the noise from traffic.

Area rugs greatly elevate the design aesthetic of your kitchen. Visually appealing and noise-reducing, area rugs within your kitchen are a surefire way to impress guests. Although you may be concerned about spills, choosing the right rug can help you achieve the look you desire without adding additional work.

Here are four tips on choosing the best-suited area rug for your kitchen:

rug size

Size is everything:

Deciding where you want your rug and measuring your space is the first step. Typically, rectangle mats used in front of a sink are approximately 60cm by 90cm, but you can also tile them to cover a wider area.

You should subtract at least three inches from the sides of the kitchen (ideally, 15cm) if you're putting in a runner since you will need space between the cabinets and the rug. If you want a rug to fill the space, do the same.


Pay attention to shape:

No matter what shape you prefer - square, elliptical, half-moon, rectangular - the choice is yours. Choosing the right shape for your kitchen rug will affect the final look you create, so it's important to take the time to decide what works best within your space. Square and rectangular rugs are popular choices, as they are versatile and work in any space.

Kitchen sinks often feature half-moon or crescent-shaped rugs for added comfort and comfort. In the centre of the room, round rugs tend to soften sharp lines. This is why the shape is key because it changes the overall look of your kitchen.

multiple area rugs

Using multiple area rugs in conjunction can also look great. A runner highlighting the space between the island counter and the kitchen can work well with smaller rugs to highlight furnishings like your kitchen sink or breakfast nook.

Material matters:

Rugs made from flatweaves and durable piles work better in kitchens. They tend to clean easier than rugs made from higher-pile material. Remember, your kitchen is an area of extremely high foot traffic, so you need a durable rug that will hold up well with this. In general, polypropylene and wool blend rugs (produced for indoor and outdoor use) can be a dependable choice since they don't absorb spills.


Jute and wool, are natural fibres that can be easily spot cleaned. However, each will require more upkeep than polypropylene rugs. Low-pile rugs are a great choice whether you prefer natural or synthetic fibres. They are durable, easy to clean, and extremely versatile. Stains and spills can be removed easily with a little soap and water. To ensure you are willing to take the time to take care of the rug, read the care instructions thoroughly before you buy.

Also, to ensure it won't slide around while you cook, place the rug on top of a non-slip rug pad if the rug doesn't have a non-slip backing. This will reduce the risks of falls and slips.

Colour is king:

You can decide which colours you want your rug to complement or to establish the colour palette in the room. For visual appeal and character, consider adding a pop of colour to your neutral kitchen. Additionally, you will need to decide between a solid rug or one with a fun pattern. Again, this is all personal preference and depends on what look you want to create within your kitchen.

Solid bold colours are always a great choice for a kitchen. Blue, red, black, and green are all good choices for a bold coloured rug. We also have multi-coloured rugs in stock. In terms of patterns, geometric is a modern pattern that will elevate the space. Or, you can stick with stripes for a more timeless piece.

stripe rugs

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure it matches your desired aesthetic for your kitchen. Don't be afraid to go a little bold and create some contrast with your rug!

Our recommendations:

A colourful runner is a perfect option for those wanting to create visually appealing colour contrast within their kitchen. Designed for areas of high traffic, these rugs are super durable and easy to care for. We have a wide range of runner rugs available, so you can shop the range here now.

A good place to start if you are unsure of what rug best works in your space is to shop by material. Looking at rugs that you know are going to be durable within this space. As a high-traffic area that is prone to spills, investing in a rug that will fall apart after a few months is going to result in heartbreak. So, choosing a material that you know will last for years and is easy to care for is key.

We recommend sticking with polypropylene or natural wool fibres to ensure the integrity and longevity of your rug. We stock a large range here at ICONIC RUGS, meaning you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen.