Rugs are the new trendy furniture piece for your home in 2022. Contemporary rugs breathe fresh air into a space and can polish up a room unlike any other furniture piece can.

A true statement piece, rugs are an amazing addition to your interior & exterior decor. Owning a modern rug in your home can help to wow guests and make your interior design look like it's been taken straight out of Vogue. 

Rugs are an affordable way to dress up a space, and by choosing to invest in a modern rug, you’ll be well on your way to making your interior design dreams a reality today. In this article, we’ll be exploring why rugs are the most on-trend furniture piece in 2022.


What is a Rug?

Rugs are beautifully woven fabrics that decorate and add character to your floor. The definition of a rug is as a statement home decor piece. Rugs can be used to completely reimagine the aesthetics within a space. 

Many modern rug trends can make your home’s interior look stunning. Beach-themed, geometric and beautiful bold patterns are all contemporary trends that will look impressive in your home. 


Rugs are the modern Interior Designers’ best friend. Able to effortlessly change a space from bland to polished, these floor mats are a powerful tool in the world of design. It’s worth investing in a modern rug that will finish off your home, as you will love this statement piece for years to come.


What Makes Modern Rugs So Preferred by Designers and Homeowners?

Modern contemporary rugs are loved by designers and homeowners alike. Modern and creative, these expression-filled rugs can truly liven up your interior space. Vibrant and striking, contemporary rugs are an investment piece, as they have become a core element of interior design. 


Many homeowners are using rugs to change the interior of their living rooms and other spaces. Modern rugs are a statement piece that will get your guests talking. Plus, since our modern rugs are made from high-quality materials, they are highly durable and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. This is a need in your home now that we are beginning to return to a life of socialisation. 

Here are some new design trends and modern rugs that are loved by Designers:

Natural Hues:

Natural features are everywhere in interior design right now. Wool, wood and stone seem to be used throughout modern interior design projects, with many designers aiming for a rustic feel. Neutral tones and poignant, visual textures are combined to create a relaxed, handmade cozy home feel. 

Natural fibre rugs are in right now. This Skandinavian Grey Rug is a neutral-toned, natural fibre rug that represents this trendy style well. Durable and soft, this rug will create a more rustic feel in any space.


The bohemian look fits right into this style. This beautiful Esha Woven Tribal Rug will create a lovely bohemian feel in any room. Plus, since this natural, cozy, handmade look is super in right now - it’ll make your cozy home dreams become a reality today. 


Navy: Rug Colour of the Year:

Navy is a colour that is seriously in-Vogue right now. Especially for runners, this luscious blue tone adds an aura of royalty to your home. Navy-toned rugs look especially good in areas filled with plenty of natural light. 

Traditional Persian Navy rugs are a cool way to incorporate this royal colour with a hint of traditional design into your home. The Evoke Release Navy Transitional Rug is the perfect choice for those wanting to add a statement Navy rug to their home. 


Geometric Designs and Conceptual Art:

Geometric designs are loved by interior designers due to their eye-catching nature. Instantly drawing in the eyes, these rugs are a modern design trend that would work effortlessly in your home. 

It doesn’t matter if you want a neutral geometric pattern or something with a bit of fun colour, this design is sure to turn guests' heads at your home. 


Coastal Living:

Coastal-themed home decor is a new design trend that bloggers and designers are loving right now. Sandy tones, blue hues and green accents are all trademarks of this style. Coastal interior design is fun and homely. We have an exclusive range of coastal themed rugs available for your home now. 


The Benefits of Owning Modern Rugs for Your Home:

Contemporary home décor involves modern rugs. Modern rugs are made from materials like cotton, jute and silk. Often available in the trending styles listed above, and give a luxurious feel to the interior of your home. 

Modern rugs are stylish and can truly elevate the interior décor of your home. Modern rugs are the perfect statement piece for finishing off your home. 

Modern rugs stand the test of time and will look impeccable in your home. Durable and versatile, contemporary rugs are truly an investment piece that will elevate the interior of your home. 

These contemporary rugs are the perfect addition to your home. Our high-quality contemporary rugs will give you aesthetic interior home décor that will finish your rooms with ease. 

Final Thoughts: A Must-Have for Your Home Decor in 2022

Modern rugs are loved by designers and bloggers due to their edgy design, trendy patterns and stellar quality. We stock a wide variety of contemporary rugs that will suit the interior of your home and will polish off the aesthetics of your home. 

Natural hues, navy, geometric and coastal living are all modern rug designs that are super in-vogue right now. By incorporating them into your space, you’re well on your way to having stunning home décor that captures your aesthetic. 

Rugs are the perfect investment piece for your home décor. A must-have for your interior design in 2022, shop our range of modern rugs now. We offer fast shipping Australia-wide and stock some of the premier rug designers and manufacturers available on the market today.